Are you…..a witch?

There’s a similarity between this blog and what I’m feeling inside, they’re both dead.

There is literally nothing going on with my life right now, hence the quiet. Oh I got a call from my bank yesterday saying that my insurance was wrongly, doubly deducted so right now instead of being broke, I’m broke-er than broke. Story of my life.

Despite my lazy-ass appearance and my Mom’s stories, I actually like working. I like feeling that at the end of the day, I’ve accomplished something. I like knowing that I’m not a total useless loser and I like having money at the end of the month. Seriously, if I didn’t value my integrity that much, I would still be working at that shithole. It’s so hard to find a decent job nowadays. And being in my line of work where they value the other race and having a penis more, it’s twice as hard.

Oh well, after almost 2 months of being a jobless bum and contributing nothing to the society (I do separate my household waste though, so that’s a point to me), I got a chance to be up-to-date with current issues, watch the collection of drama series and movies that I didn’t even know I had, and read unread novels that were collecting dust on my bookshelf. Hmmm I guess I actually used my time well.

Speaking of drama series, I am totally addicted to Outlander right now. A friend told me to watch it eons and eons ago because he said “it was right up my alley” and then sent me a topless photo of Sam Heughan to prove his point and thus proving that he knew jackshit about my taste, to which I replied to him that Sam Heughan looks like he’s special as in he looks dumb and told him “no thanks”.


Seriously, that was the photo that was sent to me. I actually mined my email archive to read again that email after I started watching Outlander.

Thinking back, he should have sent me a photo of Caitriona Balfe instead of Sam Heughan to get my attention, because I’m totally obsessed with her now. I would totally go lesbian for her.


I think she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my entire life and from the interviews (yes, I actually watched her interviews, I’m that obsessed), she sounds like a very smart woman. I only read Outlander out of the 8 books Diana Gabaldon has written so far, and already my un-knowing ass thinks the TV Claire is better than the book Claire. And the whole drama series is amazing too. They showed the best of Scotland and the Highland culture before they got wiped out after the Battle of Culloden. Plus, I have a weakness for everything about history, especially something that I didn’t know about/only heard in passing before.

At first, I started watching Outlander because of Caitriona Balfe and then after a few episodes, my interests went to all things that encompass the Highland culture. It was truly amazing, all the details that went into it; the dresses, the food, the language, the places, the accuracy of everything is beyond anything you can imagine. And now I think Sam Heughan is hot too. I think he’s like Benedict Cumberbatch in that regard, you need to see him in motion to get what the fuss is all about. Your obsession makes sense now, Heughligans. I truly get it. Both of them (not Sam Heughan and Benedict Cumberbatch, you dirty-minded people, but Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe – me, a dirty-minded person) have this crazy hot chemistry that I feel like they need to have a sex scene in every episode just to get it out of my system.


Most of the supporting characters are truly awesome too (my favourites are Colum McKenzie and Duke of Sandringham). In 2 weeks’ time, the Season 2 will end and I’m gonna have a major Droughtlander until Season 3 starts.

Do I think that Outlander is up there alongside masterpieces in the drama seriesland (to me, at least) like Breaking Bad, True Detective S1, Daredevil S1, and Fargo S1 & S2? I truly don’t know actually. I mean, except for the Daenarys Targaryen’s storyline, I thought Game of Thrones was close to perfect in every way until Season 5 happened (I think aside from Hardhome, the whole season was a pile of turd) so my opinions are a bit skewed. And like Game of Thrones, there are a few scenes in Outlander that I think were just mere fillers and could be done without. But Outlander is still a star on its own. And I don’t know, comparing Outlander to modern-set drama series is like comparing apple to orange hahaha I’m contradicting myself.

Trust me, go give Outlander a try because it’s more than just a love story. There are a few sex scenes and lots of nudity (and there’s S01E15 too) though so if you’re living with prudish people, make sure you’re alone before you press play.

Edit: after watching more interviews and seeing how obsessed the fans of the shows are with the whole Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Sam – Caitriona relationship issue, I seriously hope to God none of them is going for the Nutty Madam v.2 route if both of them are in a relationship with other people.


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